hideous kinky

Once again the adventure stemmed from a terse, but evocative email. This one from from the ever effervescent Aaron Mauck:
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 17:04:53 -0700
From: mauck <mauck at bluehouse.org>
To: Ray Greenwell <ray at bogocorp.com>
Cc: mdb at go2net.com
Subject: you down?


mauck at bluehouse.org
I was in the market for something to follow up our glorious Fijian New Year's celebration and the North African desert seemed like a fine place to be when the end of the real millennium came upon us.

By the time the dust settled, neither Ray, nor Mauck would be coming along, but Yang and Vic signed up for the first week and I didn't mind going it alone for the remaining two. So tickets were purchased, plans were made and next thing we knew, we were on the last flight to Casablanca.

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