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In Madrid, I was reacquainted with my favorite photo subject, graffiti.

Spanish graffiti wasn't quite as exotic as the one bit of Moroccan graffiti that I had encountered, but it was still pretty high quality.

This is what most of Madrid looked like (at least in the center of the city). Oodles of narrow one way streets lined with quaint buildings and shops of all shapes and sizes.

Hanging meat in the windows was quite popular.

Like all European cities I've seen so far, they were keen on having plazas with fountains and roundabouts.

They also had the cutest cars.

Being in an urban environment moved me to get a bit more abstract with my photography.

Taking this one without getting very wet was a challenge.

This Barclay's bank building kind of freaked me out. It looks like the sort of place in which Dr. Evil would base his world taking over operations.

As you might expect, there were a lot of ornately decorated buildings with statues and sparkly things.

After three days in Madrid, I came to realize two things: first, it was the middle of winter and Barcelona wasn't likely to be the prime destination that it is in the summertime and second, my lack of Spanish speaking abilities was proving a hindrance to my enjoying non-tourist activities in Madrid. So I decided to save Barcelona for a summer when either I or a companion of mine spoke Spanish and headed off to London where I could hang out with friends and truly enjoy the fruits of European culture.

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