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I arrived in London at night (who would have guessed?) and discovered that it was vastly colder than the southerly regions from whence I had just come.

The cold prevented me from doing much wandering about on my first night, but on the way to my hotel, I did happen to encounter this blast from the past. Long live the Commodore 64.

I also discovered this little logo while vainly trying to check my email from a coin operated Internet terminal. Apparently those cats at are actually doing some deals. Who knows what other surprises await me in mother England?

The following day, I got in touch with Heidi and next thing I know, I'm waving dangling, glowing butterflies in front of a video camera to create source material for the visuals at an upcoming jungle party.

There were butterflies of many colors.

And they made pretty patterns in the dark.

On Tuesday, I set out in search of record stores and happened across this fine advertisement. Ray and I had been tossing around ideas related to vegetarian fast food ever since we hopped off the meat wagon. Apparently someone on the other side of the pond had similar thoughts.

I'm a big fan of the London tube system, but I have to wonder why they needed such a huge sign at this station.

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