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The next morning Vic and Yang headed back to the states and I went wandering in Casa looking for the English language bookstore because I was running out of things to read.

On my way to the bookstore, I stumbled across this abandoned cathedral, the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, to be exact. It was strange seeing a run down cathedral, but I suppose Morocco's firm adherence to Islamic ideals runs counter to the idea of having options on the religious front. I hear you can get arrested for talking to Moroccans about Christianity.

Nice architecture even if it is abandoned.

Earlier at the airport, I had tried to move my flight to Barcelona up a few days because I didn't really fancy spending five days in Casablanca, urban metropolis that it was. Unfortunately, there turned out to be only one flight a week from Casa to Barcelona and I was already on it. Not so easily discouraged, I decided to eschew air travel in favor of a train ride to Tangier. From there I could ferry across the Straight of Gibraltar and take the train to Madrid, then on to Barcelona. Much more adventurous anyway.

So I stayed one night more in Casa and hopped the train to Tangier the next morning.

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