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It was raining the next morning. This is the beach as visible from our (teeny) hotel room deck.

Later that morning, the rain stopped, our spirits lifted and Casablanca showed us its warm and friendly side.

This is the only photo I got of the Hassan II mosque and it's from a distance of about a mile away. This enormous beast is large enough to hold 25,000 worshipers in the main prayer hall. The tip of the tower is 630 feet tall and at night, they shine a huge frickin' laser beam in the direction of Mecca. It even has a retractable roof. It's the sort of thing red blooded Moroccan Muslims the country 'round can point to and say, "Yeah!"

This being Vic and Yang's last night, we decided to celebrate with a taste of Moroccan night life. The blackness doesn't give the best feel for the place, but suffice to say that there was no shortage of kitsch in the decor or the music.

We met some kids at the first club that convinced us to go to the "really" good club which was down on the beach front near our hotel. Not surprisingly the new club wasn't much better than the first one and I'm pretty sure the kid was in cahoots with the owner of the club. He and his friends seemed friendly enough though and at least they didn't try to sell us a tour of the dunes.

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