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After our excursion to the dunes, we checked out of Hotel Ziz and headed northward to Fes. We had to cross another mountain range on our trip and covered yet more amazing terrain.

The hills were rougher in these parts. I'm no geologist, but this is definitely not the smooth wind eroded rocks that we'd seen earlier on our journey.

Vic pointed out that the place looked a lot like New Mexico. I insisted that the lack of 7-Elevens and English speakers made it more exotic than New Mexico.

Eventually we even encountered snow. You couldn't exactly snowboard on it, but it was a pretty strange discovery considering we were deep in the desert only hours earlier.

As the sun set, I caught a nice picture of a lone tree. It seems like a beautiful scene until you realize that the tree looks kind of like a rat on a pogo stick.

A few hours later, we finally arrived in Fes. We were immediately accosted by a guy on a moped who tried valiantly to get us to stay at some hotel where he was surely getting a kickback. We were just happy that he didn't offer us a tour of the dunes.

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