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Jet lagged to the high heavens, we drug ourselves back to the hotel and slept. This marked the beginning of a week long struggle to achieve some sort of normal sleep schedule. I think Vic and Yang were just about sleeping regularly when they hopped on the plane to head home.

Having woken at around 2am, we bode our time at the hotel until we thought someone, somewhere in the city might actually be selling things that pass for breakfast.

We satisfied our breakfast cravings at that most exotic of places, McDonalds. The ostensible excuse was to find out if they had anything out of the ordinary on the menus. They didn't.

Our post-breakfast wanderings led us to a big hill behind a sort of combination grocery and housewares store.

From here we got a nice view of central Marrakesh covered in light fog that was burning away with the rising sun. We had walked here from beyond those three cone shaped structures visible in the middle of the picture. Our hopes that they were some sort of exciting shrine or possibly even a nuclear power plant were shattered when we finally walked by them and discovered that they were a car dealership.

From our perch on the hill, we could see two other hills that sort of stuck out in the middle of the city in defiance of any attempt to actually cultivate or develop the land around them. This one had some sort of fort or lookout on it. We couldn't come up with any convincing explanation for why there was a fort on the hill or why there seemed to be a low, stone wall haphazardly build around it. As we would eventually learn, Morocco is a country shrouded in mysteries of this sort.

Yang and Vic survey the territory.

Marrakesh looks pretty much like this for miles around.

While up on our mountain excursion, we climbed some rocks at the top of the mountain and discovered a spot that looked popular with the kids who came up to drink beer and think up other ways to annoy Allah. There was a nice hole worn in the rock up there, so we left a Yoga Bob peeking out to baffle the little delinquents on their next excursion.

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