roamin' with the romans

My best friend and frequent travel partner, Claudia, decided to trek off to Rome for six months to spend time with her family and reacquaint herself with her native Italy. This seemed like a fine opportunity to hang out, as our modus operandi in recent years has been to meet up in exotic places and wander around.

The original plan was for a two month non-vacation, meaning that there would be no agenda or touring activities, just a relocation of my everyday existence from San Francisco to Rome. In between making the plans and executing on them, other plans conspired to make me want to shorten the trip to a month.

So a few days of recovery after my April Fool's party, I hopped on a plane and embarked on Roman adventures. This not being an organized vacation, the travelog is less a log and more a few random photos that I felt like sharing. So, with your expectations appropriately lowered, head right on in to the streets of Rome.

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The streets of Rome
Terraces, terrorists and home improvements
A lunchtime adventure
Enlightenment in Northern Italy
Le Dune! Le Dune!
Pink ruins and ancient flamingos
Would you believe... more Sardegna?

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