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About half of my time was spent wandering the streets of Rome, which gave me ample opportunity to photograph the multitude of monuments, sculptures, buildings and other sites and sights of interest. Of course, I rarely took that opportunity, so you won't have to spend too long wading through these pictures.

Here's your standard decadence era Roman. Note the cavalier exposure of legs and chest as well as the luxurious hair and beard.

This lovely column depicts many centuries of Roman conquest (or at least that's my vague memory of it).

Here's a friendly little dragon that I encountered on the front of a fountain. He has a partner who looks a heck of a lot like he does, but facing the other direction.

I also discovered many beautiful courtyards. Some with palm trees to remind us that we're in the Mediterranean.

For the non-geographically gifted, there's a big river running through the middle of Rome called the Tiber (or the Tevere to the natives). The water was uninteresting, so here's a shot of one of the many bridges that span the not so raging, not so rapids.

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