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The next day involved a drive up the coast and then a bit inland where we discovered vast fields of poppies and other wild flowers.

Growing up in Alaska, I'd seen a million paper poppies because of my grandparents' involvement in the VFW (who sell them to raise money), but this was the first time I encountered a real live specimen.

Next stop was Tharros, the ruins of an ancient Phoenician port city absorbed into the Roman empire around 238 B.C.

Of course, there were columns.

Further up the coast we came upon a pink flamingo nesting ground where I discovered that I could hold my camera up to a pair of binoculars and take pictures.

Zooming in, balancing the binocs on a fence post and steadying the camera all at the same time proved to be a bit more challenging, but here you can sort of see the bright red feathers under the wings. They made for an impressive show when the flamingos decided to do a bit of flapping.

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