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We took a little bike ride down the coast in search of quartz beaches. After various mechanical and navigational problems, we finally arrived. At a nearby shack, I bought a postcard with a photo from this same angle on its cover, except that it was sunset and the tide was in a bit more. As you might conclude from the earlier sunset photo, evening shots are generally much more dramatic.

The quartz pebbles on the beach were great. They didn't get stuck in uncomfortable places like regular sand and they were a lot of fun to play with.

Biking back up the coast, we rode along some beautiful cliffs.

We even finally saw one of the fabled rock sculptures of Sardegna. According to legend, the farmers that originally settled in the area stacked the rocks, removed from their fields, into huge cylindrical structures. Peculiarly, this one was about four feet tall and looked like it was built by a gang of mischievous boy scouts rather than an ancient race of farmers.

The best part of all was that I finally got some close-up pictures of the sheep (which I failed to do in New Zealand despite their being about 100 times more populous). This one is just about to say, "Baaah-bye, we'll see you on the next trip."

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