burning man 2001
it tastes like burning

As the days grew shorter and the cherry blossoms began to fade from our memory (well, OK, there aren't many cherry trees in the city, but we're going for dramatic effect here), we knew that the time was soon upon us when freaks from all walks of life would pack up their gear, clean out the hardware stores and drag things out into the middle of the Nevadan desert the likes of which are not seen elsewhere on God's green earth.

Yes kids, it was time for Burning Man. As you may recall, last year we helped to bring a little Seussian cheer out to the playa. As much as we rummaged through the bowels of our minds, we couldn't come up with a better plan this year than to try to do it again, bigger and better. It's that American blood running through our veins, what can we say? So with grand plans and at least a grand on supplies, we set out to Black Rock City to put some serious stars upon thars.

I'd love to share with you a glorious and detailed account of our adventures on the playa, but my camera gave up the ghost shortly after I got around to trying to document the whole business. Fortunately, I managed to squeeze off a few shots before being set free to experience the joy of Burning Man without the nagging responsibility of documentation. I hope you find this brief but salient journal to your liking. It's all you're getting from me. *pthhhpt!*

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