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There are more things in heaven and earth, Hosneetchio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

At some point, I mustered up the motivation to go touring around taking pictures of all the other crazy stuff that was going on at Burning Man. Our Sneetchly little haven being only the tiniest part of a tiny part of the whole.

With my camera firmly in hand and my butt firmly on the seat of my bicyle, I set out on a photographic adventure.

First I came upon the womb. It is here that one can be reborn and speak their first words.

I then stumbled across a small crowd gathered around something that I can only describe as... Jetsons meets Mad Max.

Here we have a fairly mundane scene on the playa: a woman standing in a giant rotating head while her friend dances around spinning her ever faster.

I also noticed this giant, headless, skinless, metal giraffe with a root system for feet. And of course a naked woman standing in the middle of it all for that bit of extra flare.

I turned away from the giraffinator and snapped a shot of this large plywood homage to the golden ratio just as a minute speck of playa floated in on the wind and lodged itself in the deepest darkest depths of my camera.

The camera, of course, would then do nothing except to display an error code which I later looked up in the manual and found the following explanation:
    E18: Minute speck of playa lodged in deepest darkest depths of
         camera; please contact technical support.
So that's all for now folks. See you next time (assuming they can get that speck of playa out of my camera).

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