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Most of us headed out on Sunday, arriving at various times that evening. We convened on our little plot of playa from many distant locales: San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, even a few from London. We were all very excited about the adventures in store for us in the week ahead and fate made no bones about getting right to the adventurous parts.

We had just arrived at camp when Ray spotted something both fascinating and terrifying. What manner of apparition gripped him in its deathly thrall?

It was Domented, our gravity defying shade structure that struck fear into the hearts of men (and small children).

As you can see from inside, Domented was supported by a complex network of carefully arranged PVC pipes.

Here Paul revels in the thrill one gets by sitting inside Domented. The sheer terror that it may all come collapsing down around you at any moment makes adrenaline pump through your veins.

Domented was joined by the machine (more on that later), a bevy of tents, a smattering of vehicles and a gaggle of bicycles to form the United Seussian Sneetch Republic.

Here you can see our artistes painting the front of the machine.

When completed, it was quite a sight to behold (especially if you could see the waiting room which didn't really make it into any of my pictures).

Here we see what happens when Sneetches are hosed down by a passing water truck: they smile a lot and start squinting.

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