day 12 (12/29)
fiji 2000.
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went into nadi for some shopping today. tried to hit the garden of the sleeping giant on the way home, but it was closed. we gave the lady who worked there a ride back to her village on the way out. not much of a consolation prize, but she seemed to be happy to avoid the walk. later that evening, we had a bit of a party and some friends sarah made on the plane ride to fiji came over from vomo island to partake in the festivities.

there's a very ornate hindu temple on the edge of the city of nadi which wasn't too far from saweni beach.

here's the other half of the temple.

on our way out to the garden of the sleeping giant, we find that the missionaries have done a fine job.

the big mountain behind the garden. from a distance, the mountain looks sort of like a sleeping giant (this picture only shows his head) and hence the name of the garden.

lush vegetation abounds near the main building on the garden grounds.

some neat pink flower that we saw on the way into the building. upon arriving at the building we discovered that the garden had just closed.

back at the ranch that evening, claudia whips up a batch of kava and the two dans wait expectantly for their first taste of fiji's favorite drink.
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