day 11 (12/28) (continued)
fiji 2000.
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today we made our second trip to natadola. undaunted by the warnings of stuff getting stolen and by our vivid memories of near death by either drowning or the force of a steaming locomotive up our collective rears, we completed the journey without a hitch.

this guy was real keen on having his oxen photographed, so i obliged.

ray gets a little love from emilija and sarah.

sarah showing off her yellow ensemble for all the kids back home.

not having much luck with still life, i try some wildlife photography. all i end up with is a picture of a bird's ass.

i discovered a little hotel hiding in the bushes that i had completely missed on our first trip to the beach.

a stick in the beach, very austere.

more beautiful scenery. they seem to have no shortage of that in fiji.

the stick turns into a party when adam, angela, claudia and our new friend pitah pile onto it. they had all just returned from visiting pitah's village and drinking kava with their sonic's t-shirt wearing chief.
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