day 11 (12/28) (continued)
fiji 2000.
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today we made our second trip to natadola. undaunted by the warnings of stuff getting stolen and by our vivid memories of near death by either drowning or the force of a steaming locomotive up our collective rears, we completed the journey without a hitch.

or perhaps a banana completes the work more nicely.

let's get another shot of that beach again. don't you just wish you could be there.

palm trees swaying in the wind.

the sugar cane railroad that goes by natadola.

a big crazy tree of some sort. as you can see, i'm not the kind of person who enjoys their vacation more by knowing the names of everything.

this little road went through this natural tunnel up the side of the hill and into a village of some sort.

a shy bulamakao that was eating near the railroad tracks.

everything has a sort of monopoly feel to it over here. especially the currency.

a local kid that was running around in the vicinity. most of the time he was giggling and trying not to be caught on camera, but i think i caught him on a smoke break or something.

we randomly bumped into frank, emilija, mitch and ray on the other side of natadola beach. normally this would have seemed like an uncanny coincidence but bumping into people from our group in random places seemed to be par for the trip, especially after that medwards sighting.
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