day 11 (12/28)
fiji 2000.
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today we made our second trip to natadola. undaunted by the warnings of stuff getting stolen and by our vivid memories of near death by either drowning or the force of a steaming locomotive up our collective rears, we completed the journey without a hitch.

ahh, natadola.

angela and claudia head for the water in a scene that can only be described as, well, picturesque.

the other half of natadola beach. this is purported to be the best beach on the main island. i can't say that i disagree.

we set up camp in the shade and were quickly joined by various locals trying to sell us stuff.

i head off in search of adventure.

sarah and myself both looking like we're going to reach over and beat adam on the head with the camera if he doesn't put it down.

once again, i get sufficiently bored to go wander around photographing obscure stuff. this is a piece with a wrinkly seed that i found, a strange, perfectly round, water filled piece of seaweed and a less wrinkly seed.

i decide that my toes would make a nice addition to the composition.

having seen works by andy goldsworthy and seeing the plethora of seeds of all shapes and sizes on the ground, i am inspired to create. once again i realize that i shouldn't quit my day job.

i consider that maybe the piece of coral in the middle is too distracting.
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