day 13 (12/30)
fiji 2000.
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got up early today, bid our new friends farewell and headed to the garden of the sleeping giant where i took a million pictures (actually only about 140, of which 90 made the editing cut) because i knew my mom would be interested in fijian flora.

some newly met friends came to our little kava party the night before. guiellermo looks to be fighting a bit of a hangover while sarah dutifuly exchanges contact info.

byron fiddles with the camera, hussain converses and john cleverly manages to avoid being caught on film.

hah, not so clever after all, eh?

sarah, claudia and i prepare a nutritious breakfast of oatmeal.

garden of the sleeping giant, take two.

a nice waxy pink flower.

purple orchids (i think). the garden of the sleeping giant is a great big orchid garden that was expanded into a huge sprawling thing with all sorts of indiginous plants as well. it was apparently built by raymond burr of perry mason fame.

funny fruity plants.

another pink flower. this one taken without a flash.

this one taken with a flash. i think i like the naturally lighting better.
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