day 3 (12/20)
fiji 2000.
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frank and emilija arrived today, sans luggage. this was a theme that seemed to come up again and again as more friends arrived. fortunately, one doesn't need a lot to survive in tropical paradise, just beer and sunscreen which we had in plentiful supply. day three involved a trip into lautoka for some shopping and a pleasant drive home in our very first torrential tropical downpour.

everyone gathers round to sample claudia and i's first fijian cooking experiment: vegetable curry.

mmmm... pretty sky.

mmmm... more pretty sky.

mmmm... yet more pretty sky. ok enough already.

for the third night in a row, i can't resist photographing our amphibian friends.

frank succumbs to his werewolf tendencies.

caitlin manages to convince frank not to grow claws and ravage the natives quite yet.
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