day 4 (12/21)
fiji 2000.
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today we finally ventured out from our home base at saweni beach; destination: beachcomber island.

after our failed attempt to get to the marina by 9am, we decide to have a leisurely breakfast at the sheraton. while there, we discovered fijian happy meals can also be worn as floatation devices.

looks like his sister got one too.

here's where we got the tickets to beachcomber. this is about the extent of traditional fijian architecture. it's called a bure.

this isn't the boat we took to beachcomber. however, we were fated to later take a cruise on this sizable vessel.

this is the helicopter we didn't take to beachcomber. however, some of us did later have the pleasure of taking a ride in the chopper.

the view from the boat. beachcomber is only one of numerous islands sprinkled northwest of the main island.

adrianne is up and away on the parasail.

the beachcomber bar building and some assorted rentables.

treasure island is just a bit more than a stone's throw from beachcomber.

ray, gina and company yuck it up out in the clear blue water.
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