day 2 (12/19)
fiji 2000.
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today we took a trip to natadola beach. we were warned not to take anything there that we didn't want to get stolen, so i opted not to bring my camera. along the way we: got a flat tire, were very confused about our directions, doubted very strongly that we were on the right path, drove through various small villages and finally raced across a rickety, narrow bridge to avoid being rammed from behind by a steaming locomotive. despite these forces of nature conspiring against us, we actually made it to the beach.

time to download the first days' photographs on my trusty laptop.

more frogs. i love these little guys.

claudia having my sunburn documented for the kids back home.

morissa gives claudia a tarot card reading while adrianne patiently waits for the tie breaker backgammon match.
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