day 1 (12/18)
fiji 2000.
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we cross the international date line on our way to fiji and the 17th of december magically disappears into the void. our first day is spent settling in and coming to terms with the fact that we're now on the other side of the world and life just got a whole lot better.

sunrise creeps up outside the window of the plane as we fly into the island paradise.

we made it to our saweni beach apartments. ray makes a dramatic entrance.

the apartments are fully equipped with running water and a gas stove. handy for the post-y2k spaghetti-o diet.

palm trees abound outside our new home.

paul celebrates our arrival by going for a short jog while the others lounge on the patio doing far less athletic things like drinking beer.

medwards looks pensive. most likely he's planning his rapid escape as this is one of the last times we'll see him in the coming month.

charlie whips up our first batch of kava out by the pool.

we've even got a swing set. this place is great!

the view from the pool somehow reminds me of a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

that evening, we discover that our amphibious friends come out at night.

ray gets to know one of the frogs a little better.

we have lizard friends too.

hitchcock had clearly never been to fiji, otherwise the birds would have had a more reptillian bent.

i discover that through clever wiggling of my new camera, i can create "dance party fiji!"
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