samskivert: Prince of Persia – GameCube (3)

20 December 2003

This was an excellently done game. In fact, it was a great deal like Ico but with a bit more narrative and a bit more action which kept me involved with the game. I lament that with all the effort put into making the game look and feel cinematic, they made do with a mediocre plot and mediocre dialogue. The plot I can forgive — I don’t mind the occasional formulaic narrative — but the interaction between the two main characters was like a bad sitcom. Couldn’t they find someone to write better jokes? I suppose I should be happy that I can even talk about the “interaction between the two main characters.” Many games that purport to have narrative don’t manage to convey even the faintest idea that the characters could actually be real people with feelings and desires and a propensity to “interact” when they find themselves together in trying circumstances.

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