Here lies the homepage of one Michael Bayne. The twisty maze of passages lead as follows:


I write software. Here are many of my projects, organized by inaugural year:

Prior to 2000 things are spotty because I'm not very good at keeping track of things and public source repositories weren't around before thenabouts. Much commercial software also happened along the way, some of it probably even useful, but most inaccessible via hyperlink.


I have a blog about general blah blah. Here are some recent posts, where recent is used in the geological sense:

I briefly wrote another blog about a hypothetical programming language:

I also even less frequently write reviews of books, films, games and Computer Science papers. These are the most recent posts:


At the turn of the century, I co-founded a video game company at which I made games. Some of them are even still alive and kicking:


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