samskivert: Super Monkey Ball – GameCube (3)

09 December 2001

For some reason, I find that just about anything is better with the careful addition of monkeys; perhaps it’s our shared lineage, or perhaps it’s a reflection of all the fun I had playing the Monkey Island series. Regardless, I’m sure Super Monkey Ball would be just as fun even if the marbles one rolls around the increasingly challenging courses weren’t occupied by screeching little monkeys. The levels proceed from simple, through good clean fun, and on up to “Sweet Jesus! I’m going to need 40 grams of methamphetamine and seventy two sleepless hours to get through this one.” The multiplayer options aren’t exactly inspired, but they’ve satisfied the need for hot four player action in these trying months before Kart is to be released for the GameCube. I am a bit disturbed by the thought of the thousands of monkey corpses that I’ve littered over the ground below the elevated courses.

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