samskivert: Pikmin – GameCube (4)

20 December 2001

Pikmin! I love those little guys. It’s about time someone took the Lemmings idea and brought it into the twenty first century. Who better to do so than Shigeru Miyamoto, gardener and game designer extraordinaire? The environments are visually lush and the puzzles excellently conceived. Lots of exciting surprises lurk in the nooks and crannies, showing an attention to detail that is remarkable. I’m sure some will complain that the game is short or not sufficiently difficult, but I was thoroughly satisfied with my romp with the Pikmin. I don’t feel that every game I play need be an RSI-inducing, controller out the window throwing, mortal challenge to my video gaming abilities. If I’m in the mood for that, I can go back to trying to finish Super Monkey Ball without dying.

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