samskivert: Zelda: Oracle of Seasons – GBC (3)

06 August 2001

Another great Zelda title for the Game Boy. The puzzles are well-conceived; the changing of the seasons makes for an interesting game context; there’s no shortage of Link action. I must confess, though, that I got to the final boss and lost my motivation to actually beat him. Every now and then I’ll make a half-assed attempt and try once or twice, but there is such a boring and lengthy sequence of events that one has to undertake to get to the final boss that I can’t bring myself to endure it more than once or twice before tiring of the process. Had they structured the game properly so that I could ride the enthusiasm I’d built up the whole game right through the final boss, despite his toughness, I’d have given the game a four. However, they pointlessly sapped me of that enthusiasm by committing what is widely known to be a game design copout. None the less, up to the final boss, the game was thoroughly enjoyable.

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