samskivert: Mario Golf – GBC (3)

17 August 2001

I played enough Mario Golf on the N64 to power a small Indian village (what in the hell that analogy means is left as an exercise for the reader). Despite the lack of satisfying 3D visuals and the ever appealing “Nice Shot!” sample that accompanies a perfect swing, the GBC version manages to be just as fun as it’s console cousin. The RPG element is wacky, but works; I like that one builds up their character’s skills rather than just opening up new characters; I also appreciate that this is one of the few Game Boy games that doesn’t leave me with cramped up, claw-like hands after playing for hours on end. It makes for a reasonably relaxed twenty minute diversion when one isn’t in the mood for twitchy puzzling, or dredging up all the necessary working memory to make progress in an RPG.

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