samskivert: My Dinner with Andre (4)

20 November 2004

I am amazed when I bump into a work of art that sweeps up my cumulative ruminations on life and the human experience and places them neat and tidily on a platter as if the author had lived my very life and found inspiration in the same struggles. I’m sure it speaks to the universality of human experience, but I can’t help but feel very validated by such strong empathies. I am filled with renewed energy and desire to face my fears and push my life to its very limits if only to see where they lay. I am also amused that I have managed to start every sentence of this commentary with “I am”. Clearly I am of the opinion that what I need to communicate is how I related to the film rather than anything objective about it, which upon consideration rings true. If you want to know about the film, go watch it. If you are reading this, you must want to know how it affected me — or you’re just lost on the vast Internet seas.

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