knocking around 日本

In my college days [cue nostalgic music here], Vic and I took a Japanese class and enjoyed it so much that we resolved to make a lengthy tour of the land of the rising sun. Time passed; he got married; we graduated from college; life moved on.

Eventually, Vic's other plans made it clear that we had better get our collective asses across the Pacific or it was never going to happen. He being the smart one, was not engaged in one of those time consuming endeavors that limit one's ability to shoot off on a moments notice for a multi-month tour of foreign lands.

Accordingly, he set out for a three month adventure and I, world weary traveler that I am, managed to join him for an entire week. In spite of the brevity of my stay, I managed to take a few pictures which I'm sure are more interesting than this long winded introduction due to their content if not their composition.

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