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Like a good tourist, I was sure to visit the many fascinating museums during my stay.

The gardens around the Tokyo National Museum were an attraction in their own right.

We saw amazing weaponry.

Neat metal things whose purpose I have now forgotten.

A bevy of ancient Japanese musical instruments.

Jeremy had recently taken up the shakuhachi, so I diligently photographed anything that looked like a flute, although none of them were labeled shakuhachi as such.

They were fancy, nonetheless.

Some lovely hair pins.

One room contained a collection of amazing Ukiyo-e paintings, but it was dimly lit which resulted in few of my photos turning out at all legibly.

I also visited the Kyoto National Museum during a day trip from Tokyo. It hosted many amazing Buddhist sculptures which I neglected to photograph because I didn't discover that we were allowed to do so until we had seen nearly all of the exhibits. I did however, get a shot of Rodin putting in an appearance out front.

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