day 29 (01/15)
fiji 2000.
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we had planned to stay overnight for the party, so we did. the next morning, we were anxious to depart as the whole idea of hanging out much longer with avi's non-english speaking family was less than appealing. we offered to take avi back into town as he had an interview later that afternoon with a soon to be opening resort. after a whole lot of waiting around, avi was finally ready to go and we headed out, sure that the whole affair was behind us. our bright outlook was cut short when avi asked us to head into another village to pick up his friend who was also interviewing. we drove high and low through the village looking for his friend to no avail. so we headed back to the highway and drove toward nadi.

when we got to nadi, avi wanted to stop by and photocopy his resume, so we stuck out the midday traffic in nadi and took care of that. then we had to stop by his house so that he could drop off his laundry and change for the interview. this would have been a painless affair had i not cleverly got the car stuck in a ditch on the way into his house. this presented us with the opportunity to meet many of avi's neighbors and bond with them as we lifted the car bodily out of the ditch.

we then finally dropped avi off for his interview and headed straight back to saweni where we relaxed with a beer and made many mental notes not to be mislead by talk of a party next time we were in a foreign country.

i was apparently so distraught all day that i neglected entirely to take any pictures. this is too bad because one of the car in the ditch would have been real handy for looking back and laughing a few years from now.

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