day 24 (01/10)
fiji 2000.
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claudia and i head to the waterfalls trail today while frank, ray and emilija do some diving. the waterfalls are great. the pools at the bottom are the first really cold water in which we've swam while in fiji. if they could bottle up the feeling we got from jumping into the water after hiking up the side of a mountain in the tropical heat, they could sell a lot of budweisers.

the maravu resort, where we stayed on taveuni. a very thatch and bamboo kind of a place.

driving around taveuni to a trail that leads to waterfalls, we see the first actual instance of road improvement in the entire country. the rest of the country seems to have no problem with the gaping potholes that permeate the roads.

taveuni is the "garden island" and has big copra plantations where they grow palm trees and harvest the coconuts.

more palm trees.

on our way up the trail, we discovered a somewhat forlorn hopper and took him for dead. on our way back down the trail, i poked him to see if he was in fact dead, and he indignantly hopped away.

colorful leaves. the flora in fiji never ceases to amaze.

more fun plants.

we made it to the first waterfall.

a ways further up the trail, there's a nice lookout point with quite a view.

this is the sensitive plant. it's leaves curl up if you touch it. at the time i photographed it, i didn't know this little fact, so you don't get any action shots.
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