day 21 (01/07)
fiji 2000.
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yet more cruising. we hit a couple more interesting beaches today. on one of them, vic and i do some marathon snorkeling and i actually get to see a pufferfish (which had previously only been spotted by the divers). later that evening, we have our last night of revelry on the cruise. we get together a game of mafia and spend half the evening trying to pull the wool over one anothers' eyes.

last day of the cruise, we're out at yet another beach on some island in the yasawa chain.

a nice one, for sure.

later that night, i get a very surreal picture of the cockpit. lots of funny screens and flashing lights.

after dinner, the drinking and nose grabbing get out of hand.

paul is very amused by the whole thing.

tonight we provided our own liquor because we couldn't choke down any more of the weak drinks they served at the bar.

vic does his clam impression.

paul watches with interest as angela learns how to play chess.

jennifer, looking mischevious.

oh no, more drinking and card playing. will it ever stop?
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