day 20 (01/06)
fiji 2000.
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day three of the cruise. we're running up quite a bar tab by now and have worked out a system whereby we manage to keep a decent buzz all day even though we have to account for about a fifteen minute lead time on a round of drinks. i begin to wonder if we're not all trying to drink ourselves into oblivion because the ship's entertainer is constantly bombarding us with the most mind bendingly horrible renditions of songs that sucked in the first place.

today, we're at the blue lagoon, where they filmed, you guessed it, the blue lagoon.

in the lagoon itself there are all sorts of interesting rock formations.

the ocean and rain have eroded the rocks into spiky shapes.

more rocks.

yet more rocks.

a lone rock at the entrance to the lagoon.

levai is such a joker.

more antics back in the staterooms that afternoon.

card playing was a popular pasttime in between trips to the beach (that and getting liquored up).

david, the ship's entertainer, gave new definition to the word entertainment. a terrible new definition that usually drove us from the lounge bordering on insanity.
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