day 15 (01/01)
fiji 2000.
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first day of the new millenium. how grand. after our unconventional morning, we continue with our prescribed plan of chilling at the resort. toberua is winning the tastiest food of the trip contest hands down.

we're woken up some time before sunrise and stumble groggily into a boat. (as you can see, i'm not nearly awake enough to operate the camera, but these are authentic 'first photos of the new millenium' so bear with me).

the sky gets brighter and we motor out into the middle of nowhere in the south pacific. the boat ahead of us stops and some people in it get out and stand on the water. at this point i'm excited about what other new powers humans have in this new millenium aside from being able to walk on water.

finally my sleepy brain realizes that there is a sand dune being revealed by the ebbing tide. shucks, no special powers after all.

sarah looking rather chipper while waiting for the sun to come up.

soon after we arrived, another boat showed up with all the picnic gear. as you can see, our little pied-a-mer was not very large.

sarah communes with the sea in the pre-dawn light.

a lone gull flies overhead. the suspense grows. where's that sun?

still no sun, but a little crab shows up to play.

the sun peeks out over the horizon.

not a bad sunrise regardless of the date.
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