day 14 (12/31)
fiji 2000.
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got up eary this morning and claudia, sarah and i hopped on a plane to suva (which is on the other side of the island). from suva, we took a boat to an island resort called toberua. we'll be spending the turn of the millenium there.

here we are on a boat headed out to the island of toberua.

we're headed out a sort of river and we pass some villages on the way.

we finally make it into the open water.

toberua appears on the horizon.

getting closer...

the view from inside our bure. nothing like lounging on the porch and then just jumping off for a little dip in the water. well, we couldn't actually jump off because the water was about two feet deep at that point, but it was still pretty nice.

another attempt at wildlife photography. i think i need a more powerful zoom.

like everywhere else in this danged place, the skies are stunning.

did i mention the skies?

sarah and claudia all dolled up for our new year's eve antics (to which i didn't bring my camera, so you'll just have to imagine the cocktails at sunset and the sea snakes crawling up the beaches and the tasty dinner and the tongue in cheek meke and the staring at the stars wondering why no one can give us a straight answer on the location of the southern cross).
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