day 7 (12/24)
fiji 2000.
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it's our last day at vomo and we've had about all the resort living that we can cope with for a while. we decide to explore vomo lai lai, a smaller version of vomo accessible by boat. it turns out to be a big rock with a small beach. the snorkeling was good though.

we head out the next morning in a boat to vomo lai lai.

it doesn't look so lai lai now that we're getting closer.

most of it turns out to be unscalable rocks and we're pretty much stuck on a little stretch of beach on one side of the island. all this eroded volcanic rock is pretty cool.

vomo as pictured from vomo lai lai. notice the conspicuous absence of a cloud towering over the island. perhaps that's why they picked it for the resort.

we snorkeled for a while and then sat on the beach long enough for me to get bored and set out in search of things to photograph. i found this nice seed.

then i decided to try to capture hermit crabs in action. this required a whole lot of sitting still waiting for them to get a move on.

another hermit crab on the move.

some coral. at this point i decide that i shouldn't quit my day job to become a still life photographer.

on our way back from the little island, we happened across some other tourists on the beach who insisted on taking this nice touristy photograph.
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