day 6 (12/23)
fiji 2000.
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day two at vomo. life here involves a lot of eating, sleeping and wandering around on the beach.

rare footage of medwards, sarah, yang, cathy, walter and lisa at vomo. unsure whether or not these were actually alien replacements of our lost friends, we avoided contact.

the beach in front of our bure at vomo.

the hill behind our bure at vomo.

i go in for a closer look at those rocks and discover all sorts of speedy little crabs that live in the region. one is cleverly camouflaged in the center right of the frame.

claudia returns from snorkeling. i abstained because i got a nasty sunburn snorkeling the previous day.

same scene, new photographer.

we try feeding the fish. photographing fish through the water is tricky because they are speedy little buggers and it's hard to remain stable enough to focus when you're holding bread under the water with one hand.

the view from about half-way up the hill on vomo. vomo lai lai is visible in the distance (lai lai meaning little).

later that evening, there's a terrible thunderstorm and i have the bright idea of trying to photograph the lightning. this goes on for about ten minutes until a bolt of lightning strikes close enough to deafen me and rattle our whole bure at which point i decide to get off the very wet, conductive porch.
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