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What is it?

RoboDJ is an unabashed reimplementation of the ever so popular MP3 jukebox wheel written for no other reason than to satisfy my very particular needs. It has the following features and limitations:

RoboDJ thus manifests itself as a music server, a SQL database and clients for browsing and importing music that call out to Unix command line tools to do the CD ripping (cdparanoia) and MP3 encoding (lame). Uploading music to the music server must currently be done manually (I use rsync).


Importing a CD: setting track names, ripping and converting

Browsing and playing: editing the playlist, browsing the repository, searching the repository.


Little attempt has been made to make RoboDJ easy to install, but if you're crazy enough to want to give it a try, you should download the source. The source is hosted on Github:

% git clone

Once you have the database set up, a music repository directory created and everything is working. You can run the clients using Java Web Start with these links:

Music Chooser     Music Importer

They will ask for configuration information the first time they are run (or if they cannot communicate with the music database or daemon).

RoboDJ is released under the GPL. Stop whining, it's good for you. The most recent version of the project should always be available here.


Contributions are welcome. Mail patches to

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