samskivert: Anne the Van

21 April 2014

After fourteen long and glorious years of driver automobile partnership, Anne the Van and I are parting ways. Natalie has finally decided that it might be useful to drive, but she's not ready to drive something as majestic as Anne, so we're getting a smaller car.

Before turning her loose on the open market, I am putting out feelers to see if anyone "in the family" is in the market for the Fahrvergnügen experience.

Vital stats are as follows:

That mileage is not in error. I don't drive much, so Anne is as spry and young as a car half her age (even though there are no Eurovans half her age because VW stopped making them in 2003). She has also had all her immunizations and regular checkups.

Due to a combination of Eurovans being awesome and VW having stopped making them in 2003, they have retained their value quite well. Vans with triple the mileage of Anne regularly go for $12,000 - $15,000 on the open market. It would make me happy if Anne went to someone I know, so I'm willing to part with her for $8,000 to help that happen.

One caveat is that we don't get our new car until early June, and I'd like to keep her until then, so as not to be carless in the event that one of my offspring decides to gravely injure themselves and require hasty transport to a medical facility.


Drop me a line if you are interested and/or want more details.

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