samskivert: Shoot me now

25 August 2010

I'm foolishly trying to write a javac annotation processor in Scala. This has already been a road fraught with gratuitous obstacles, but the latest wrinkle has driven me to vent in public.

When I run my annotation processor thusly:

javac -processor FooProcessor -processorpath fooproc/classes:blah/scala-library.jar

I get java.lang.IllegalStateException: zip file closed when my processor tries to load Scala classes. But if I unpack scala-library.jar into fooproc/classes then it works. Joy! Somehow the scala-library.jar file causes javac to choke.

I of course tried repacking the jar file, in case perhaps something in the stock scala-library.jar was weird, but using the repacked version still failed with zip file closed. What's even more awesome is that javac 1.6 does not have a problem with scala-library.jar, only javac 1.7.

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