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07 February 2005

I finally dug out and plugged in this Intel Play microscope that I picked up on a lark a while back. At 200x it’s damned near impossible to adjust the cheap plastic platform in increments small enough to get good focus and without decent lighting, it’s hard to get a good image, but it is pretty neat. After looking at the collection of dog hair and honeybee wings they included in the box, I looked around for something else to jam under there.

My cellphone’s LCD screen looked pretty cool.
My phone at 10x My phone at 60x
10x 60x
My phone at 200x

This nasty looking business is some cork at 60x:
Cork at 60x

While disassembling a Nintendo cartridge to see if there was anything interesting inside, I got a good close look at one of the screws:
Screw at 60x

Then I took a peek at some printed text. I figured that at, say, 600 dpi, I might see some actual dots at 200x magnification. However, it was not to be. Probably they print at a higher resolution like 1200 dpi and the resolution of the microscope is far from stellar:

Text at 60x Text at 200x
60x 200x

If I catch any small creatures in my apartment in the near future, you’ll be sure to get a good close look at them.

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