samskivert: Embodied Social Proxy: Mediating Interpersonal Connection in Hub-and-Satellite Teams – Venolia, et al.

06 May 2010

They created a virtual presence for remote team members in the form of a cart with a computer, monitor and a few webcams strapped onto it. The remote person could fire up a program on their end and “inhabit” the proxy to participate in group or one-on-one meetings, and essentially have a physical presence at the home office. Knowing second-hand that it sucks to be a faraway spoke on a project where most of the team members work face-to-face, I think this is a cool idea. I’m not so sure that a dedicated cart that can be wheeled around is strictly necessary, but it does present the opportunity to do some post-processing of your video feed and cultivate your Max Headroom persona.

Source: ACM

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