samskivert: The Addams Family (3)

24 January 2003

Having been working two feet from an Addams Family pinball machine for the last year and a half, I finally decided to dig up the film and watch it again. Given that the sound bites were drilled into my head through hundreds of hours of play by myself and my friends, it was almost eerie to hear them fit into some larger narrative. None the less, I’m a huge fan of Raul Julia (RIP) and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the film.

That is, up until the credits rolled and the M.C. Hammer theme song kicked in, at which point I went into a sort of anti-nostalgic epileptic fit which had me jerking around on the floor, foaming at the mouth until I finally tore the power plug from the wall and saved myself from Tha Hammer’s mind twisting combination of record label provided production, idiotic lyrics and thinly veiled promotion of good Christian values.

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