samskivert: Dogtown and Z-Boys (3)

06 May 2002

Directed by Stacy Peralta, this documentary tells the tale of the Zephyr surf team’s foray into skateboarding and the birth of the sport as it is widely practiced today. My first board being a Powell Peralta, I was fascinated by this peek into the history of skating, more so because I skated for so long without ever giving the first thought to who founded the sport or even who made the gear I was using. Given the peculiar cast of characters and the wildy disparate life paths followed by the original members of the team, I imagine this film would even be worthwhile for non-skaters, though perhaps better caught on cable than the big screen. After all, that’s more in the spirit of the skate videos which, aside from Gleaming the Cube were previously the only window into the wacky world of skateboarding.

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