samskivert: Tomb Raider (3)

25 June 2001

Perhaps the Dungeons and Dragons movie so lowered my expectations, that I would be happy with any Tomb Raider rendition short of one pieced together from amateur porn videos. Miss Jolie — Mrs. Thornton rather — was well cast as Lara and though she didn’t do the action scenes the justice that, say, Michelle Yeoh would have, she certainly filled the role admirably. I think that female action stars are going to see rapidly growing popularity in Hollywood. Why settle for some Bond fellow and his sexy accomplices when you can combine the two into one ass-kicking, wet-dream inspiring heroine? You save money and appeal to both genders. Trend setting aside, the film could have been a lot better, but by not being a lot worse, it set itself above the pack in its genre. The best part, of course, is when they mix some Tuvan throat singing into the score as the team treks across the tundra somewhere deep in the heart of Russia.

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