Loft Redux


Late last year, I decided to remodel my San Francisco loft. I had been living there nine years and it was clearly time to "spruce the place up". Saying "I decided" nicely captures my role in the process. The remodel was actually done by one architect, a general contractor and a smattering of subcontractors. I just made dubious design decisions and hoped that my underdeveloped aesthetic sense did not produce any train wrecks.

A combination of procrastination on my part, inevitable delays in construction and the universe's keen sense of irony resulted in the remodel being complete about a month before I departed SF to pursue an academic career in more northerly regions. Thus, I present for your viewing pleasure and the periodic refresh of my own fallible memory, my new kitchen and bathroom. For maximal impact, you may wish to review the pictures I posted of the place when I got it in 2000, specifically the kitchen and bathroom.

Note: You'll have to excuse the strangely fake plants, wine and cheese. I got these pictures from my general contractor who felt the need to do a little Photoshop decorating.

©2009 Michael Bayne