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Upon returning from Copan, we hopped on a little plane and headed to an island off the coast of Honduras called Roatan.

The flight was fairly rough and gave cause for a close inspection of the floatation device located under my seat, but then I noticed that the plane was flying under Walter-power and my fears were dispelled.

We arrived at Anthoy's Key resort where we were to spend our last three days lounging around and soaking up some sun.

Our cabin was a simple construction with a main room, a bathroom and a porch that extended out over the water. Falling asleep to the sounds of waves lapping against the rocks was ever so soothing.

The porch was equipped with a hammock, which was once again quickly put to good use.

We later climbed up the hill behind the resort and got a nice view of the keys. The big one hosted all the rooms.

The little one next door had a dolphin pen and a small beach.

On our way to the bar, we met the first in a wide array of fauna that calls Anthony's home. This Mealy Amazon parrot was fond of saying "hello".

One day while having lunch, a doe wandered up and starting eating potato salad from the plate of one of the other guests. Having thus far seen nothing on the key farther up the food chain than a colony of ants, we were a bit taken aback by the appearance of a ruminant mammal indiginous to North America. Later, we went searching for this wily beast and found her hiding shyly behind a palm frond in a big grassy area in the center of the otherwise sandy key.

Our search for the deer led us to discover a wide variety of other creatures on and around the key. We happened upon these toucans living in a cage.

And another Mealy Amazon hanging out in a nearby tree.

As if the cat were out of the bag and human contact were now allowed, a starfish wandered up in the shallows outside our room to say hello.

A crane of some sort flew in for a visit.

A crab turned up in near the boat taxi that we took back and forth to the key.

And we even had a sighting of the Loch Ness monster.

Who turned out to be a swimming iguana on closer inspection. On even closer inspection he turned out to be an extremely fast swimmer, preventing me from getting a better closeup shot.

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